Data release papers

  • Wolleben et al, “The Global Magneto-Ionic Medium Survey: Polarimetry of the Southern Sky from 300 to 480 MHz”, 2019, AJ, 158, 44
  • Wolleben et al, “The Global Magneto-ionic Medium Survey: A Faraday Depth Survey of the Northern Sky Covering 1280-1750 MHz”, 2021, AJ, 162, 35

Science and technical papers by the GMIMS team

  • Dickey et al, “Structure in the Magnetic Field of the Milky Way Disk and Halo Traced by Faraday Rotation”, 2022, ApJ, 940, 75
  • Thomson et al, “The Global Magneto-Ionic Medium Survey (GMIMS): the brightest polarized region in the southern sky at 75 cm and its implications for Radio Loop II”, 2021, MNRAS, 507, 3495
  • Thomson et al, “Through thick or thin: multiple components of the magneto-ionic medium towards the nearby H II region Sharpless 2-27 revealed by Faraday tomography”, MNRAS, 2019, 487, 4751
  • Dickey et al, “The Galactic Magneto-ionic Medium Survey: Moments of the Faraday Spectra”, 2019, ApJ, 871, 106
  • Hill et al, “The Fan Region at 1.5 GHz – I. Polarized synchrotron emission extending beyond the Perseus Arm”, 2017, MNRAS, 467, 4631
  • Du et al, “Gain and Polarization Properties of a Large Radio Telescope from Calculation and Measurement: The John A. Galt Telescope”, 2016, PASP, 128, 115006
  • Wolleben et al, “Rotation Measure Synthesis of Galactic Polarized Emission with the DRAO 26-m Telescope”, 2010, AJ, 139, 1681
  • Sun et al, “Faraday Tomography of the North Polar Spur: Constraints on the Distance to the Spur and on the Magnetic Field of the Galaxy”, 2015, ApJ, 811, 40
  • Wolleben et al, “Antisymmetry in the Faraday Rotation Sky Caused by a Nearby Magnetized Bubble”, 2010, ApJ, 724, 48
  • Wolleben et al, “GMIMS: the Global Magneto-Ionic Medium Survey”, 2009, IAUS 259, 89

Selected other papers using GMIMS data